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Funny games & action in Pitzi’s Paradise for Kids

fun, joy and happy children

Build a tower with Legos, climb the climbing wall like a monkey, immerse into the ball pool, hold an exciting table football match or play billiard and much more. Pitzi’s Paradise for Kids offers enough space for children and parents to play games, laugh and romp about.

Funny holidays!

  • climbing wall
  • ball pool
  • Lego construction site with soft lego
  • motor skills activities
  • various wall games
  • reading corner
  • play area for toddlers
  • kitchen for children 
  • table football
  • table games
  • chill-out lounge


"Family holidays in the Pitztal are like coming home!"

Regular guests often say

"Everything is very near and within walking distance so that children are also able to stroll around on their own!"

"If our children are happy, we are happy as well!"

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